Panel sizing midway?

Having a little problem here and can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.
I have this panel on a desktop - scales and works fine.

Mobile is fine -


Midpoint as it scales up and down (iPad sort of size) - I get this :thinking: :neutral_face:

Any help would be most welcome. Cheers Jon

Hi there @Jonline – Long time no see. Without having your project file in-hand and a live URL it is going to be very hard to troubleshoot. If you can provide those items we can assist you.

Hi Adam…
Been busy with magazine design, so haven’t looked at web for a while.
Email sent with live URL.
Wetransfer appears to be having a problem at the mo, will send you the file, once its back up.
Cheers Jon

Sounds good. When that project file comes through I’ll take a look.

With your project file in hand now I’m going to take a look. First thing I want to ask though is – Is there a particular reason you’re using a Banner stack for the “Find My Nearest Relate Centre” section? And why do you have two on the page? Also it looks like you’ve used the Stack’s Hide / Show settings to have one show at desktop and one at the other two breakpoints. Is there a reason for that? Why nota style the stack for each breakpoint and not have multiples?

And lastly… you’re using the show / hide controls that come built-in to the Stacks plugin. They have a different breakpoint than Foundry uses. If you really need to hide / show content you should use the Visibility stack that comes with Foundry as its breakpoints will match that of the rest of Foundry. This is why the stack is there.

You can build something similar with a lot less overhead, and not need a separate version for the various breakpoints.

This is a rough example. You could tweak it to get what you like, but this uses fewer stacks, fewer copies of stacks and cuts out a lot of unnecessary code you weren’t using.

Download link: • Droplr

Hi Adam, thanks for taking a look at this and sorting my problem out. I‘d used the items I had, as I thought that was the right way of doing it, its obviously a problem for me dipping in and out of website design, I’m not getting enough time using it. And as time is tight at times, if it works (sort of) I‘ve gone with that. Fudged I think you call it. :grin: Again the show/hide built-in to stacks and foundry, I thought did the same thing (within reason) again obviously not. Thanks once again for spending the time sorting it. Note to self… build more websites and gets some time under my belt. Off to upgrade to Alloy 3! :+1:

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I’ll consider this one solved then and close the thread. :+1: