Paragraph issue?

This is my first post, and my first issue. But first I’d like to say that I’m loving Foundry and what can be achieved with it.

I’ve added a paragraph to this page (just under the banner), I’ve adjusted the font size to 24px and made it a lead paragraph, but whatever I do, the font size doesn’t change.

I’m obviously missing something, but can’t work out what.


Hey there @Neil!

I suspect I know the problem, but I’d like to look at your project file so I can make sure I am correct before possibly leading you astray. Can you send me a ZIP file that includes your project file? You can post a Dropbox, or other download service, link here, or you can email it to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Alright, I got your project file and took a look. A couple of things –

(1) You’ve pasted your text into the paragraph stack from somewhere else, so it currently is retaining the formatting and font-size from wherever you copied it from. This is a common RW mistake and one that is easily remedied. Highlight the text you’ve pasted in and select “Clear Formatting” from the Format menu in RapidWeaver. In the future you can also “Paste as Plain Text” from the Edit menu in RapidWeaver (it also has its own shortcut keys).

(2) You’re using the Lead Paragraph setting and setting a Font Size in the Paragraph stack. The Lead Paragraph option overrides the Font Size setting, as it has its own pre-set font size (which you can change in the main Foundry Control Center stack). The Font Size setting is for non-Lead paragraphs.

Wow! It was that simple.

You know, I did think of that at first because I could see that the format changed when I pasted the text so I copied the text into a note thinking that would clear the formatting, but it didn’t. I should have used Text/Edit instead.

Now I know about the “clear formatting” that’s what I’ll use in the future.

Many thanks @elixirgraphics

Not a problem at all. Nice when things has simple solutions, right?!

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