Parallaxis JW Stack

Hi, I am looking to built a site similar to (Parallaxis | Weavers Kingdom) but using Foundry.
Does Parallaxis JW Stack works with Foundry?

Do you mean the Weaver Kingdom theme? I don’t think that is a Workman theme.

You can use the Sections stack that comes with the Potion Pack for Foundry to create a similar site design. You can have a look at the Potion Pack page here, as well as a link to a sample Sections based page here. There’s also a documentation page for Sections here.

Thanks @elixirgraphics for your reply. Yes the theme is for Weaver Kingdom. But I do not want to use the theme, that’s why I though I get the JW Parallaxis Stack and use it with Foundry :slight_smile: to create the site to look like the above mentioned theme.

Great, I do have the Potion Pack and I will for sure have a look at the sample link you’ve sent me.


I’ve never heard of or used that stack, but that said, Sections does something similar to the theme you showed me, so give it a shot if you have Potion Pack. :smiley:

I will for sure… thanks again :slight_smile:

@Monica Perhaps I misunderstood you since I wasn’t aware of the stack you were referencing. If you just want the parallax background images you can do that in several of the Foundry stacks – The Backdrop, Banner and Jumbotron stacks all do that. I misunderstood and thought you were referring to the one-page navigation style found on the link you posted in the original post. That feature is just the Lock Background feature found in those stacks I mentioned above. :+1:

Thank you @zeebe prefect. Glad to hear that. I will have a look for sure. appreciated!

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@Monica glad to be some help. By the way, not to disagree with Adam, but just locking your image does not create the Parallax effect. On my demo page, I locked the banner image like Adam suggests, you will notice the background stays static and does not move, unlike the two parallax stacks. This parallax stack gives the impression of depth as it would appear in real life with objects that are further away scrolling more slowly. It was famously pioneered by Sega in their Sonic the Hedgehog game.

A fixed background is just that, fixed, and has certainly not got anything to do with Parallax - either in the scientific sense or that used by web designers.

Thank you @elixirgraphics, and yes @zeebe, I have noticed that, and I am trying to be bit creative since I love Foundry (still exploring) :slight_smile: I have added Jumbotron Stack (from foundry) as Adam mentioned to add more static background movement effect to one of the sections. we will see how I can get all in One page navigation and has a Parallax effect!