Partitions and Partials

I’m familiar with using Partials, but unfamiliar with how Partials work with Partitions. Every page needs a Partitions, but when in a Partial every page will be the same because of the Partition Partial. The only way I see around this is to never place the Partitions in a Partial, which means making all the settings again for each page in the Partitions. Is this correct?

No, you can use the Stacks Unpin feature with your Partitions Partial. Unpinning the sidebar and main content areas will allow you to use a Partial of your Partitions stack and keep the settings the same from page to page, but still add in different content on each individual page, much the way I did it with the Foundry Documentation pages.

Here’s a short video to show how to unpin a Partial’s content area:

Just to be clear, this is a feature of Stacks itself and not something Foundry is doing. It is a basic feature of the Stacks Partials.


I think my confusion coming in to play here is that within some Foundry stacks some things cannot be unpinned. Such as the Card stack. The Card Image and Card button features cannot be unpinned. Using the Card Slice feature one can use unpinned elements. But, the Foundry Image stack cannot be unpinned. However, the Stacks Image stack can be unpinned. Takes some experimenting to figure it all out.

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Yes, some items in the Stacks plugin cannot be unpinned. That is outside of my control though.