Paywall for Downloadable PDF

Is it possible in Foundry to create something similar to a paywall for downloadable PDFs?

I would like to be able to create videos about kitchen design and then list salient parts of the video in downloadable checklist format so that my customers can remember to make sure tasks are assigned and/or completed. Is a way of helping my customers to manage the people they hire to manage their jobs.

Ideally customers would watch the video then send me money on PayPal while I am sleeping.

Is there a stack that can provide paid access to these PDFs?

Foundry would not handle that sort of thing. You’ll need an ecommerce solution like CartLoom to handle something like that. CartLoom is what I use for handling that exact thing but with themes, stacks, etc.

To be clear, Cartloom wouldn’t create the Paywall itself, you’d need to put up something like Sitelok if you wanted that. You could then perhaps have it send out a password to your Sitelok login for a paywall. Cartloom would allow you to deliver the full videos as downloads to users.

I watched a couple of videos on Sitelok & Cartloom and while I can tell they both do something really important I am not entirely sure exactly how they interact with each other. As I have indicated before, I am a cabinetmaker and not necessarily a developer.

Am I correct in assuming that both Sitelock and Cartloom will (eventually) happily integrate with Foundry?

Put another way: Are the various web pages I see related to Foundry, actually written using Foundry?

Cartloom and Sitelok do not integrate. My suggestions were to work up your own system through selling your ‘product’ through Cartloom, which would be the password(s) or membership that you’d provide via Sitelok.

Or instead perhaps just selling your actual video files through Cartloom even.

As for working with Foundry – both products work fine with Foundry. Foundry does not need special integration to make them work within Foundry.

None of what I suggested or outlined really has anything to do with Foundry directly as Foundry does not provide any of the code or services necessary for doing what you want to do.

Thanks for your response Adam.

I understand that your company does not provide any consulting or development services for people who use Foundry Stacks.

Does your forum community have any gurus that are available to hire for this purpose? I would ideally like to just focus on the content and user interface but leave the heavy lifting to others if that is possible.

Would this be a better question for the RealMac forum?

You’d have to ask the community that. Perhaps start a new thread addressed at your search for help in building your site and you may get feedback from the community about it.