Place pdf in/on website

I’m seeking to place a pdf doc inside of a “tool” that allows the reader to read it in place on the site, rather than a link to open or download. I’ve reviewed a lot of the possible Tools to no avail. Suggestions anyone?

There’s various non-Elixir stacks that do this, BUT none of them will stop the PDF being downloaded - as with images, if it’s displayed in a browser, it’s already been downloaded.

Google rapidweaver embed stack

Got it. Thanks.

I’ve used those before, but I was looking for a solution inside of F3. I now realize there is no good reason to stay restricted.

Thanks, again.

This Stacks4Stacks stack is free and works very well:

… but realistically PDFs often seem to look/feel worse when embedded versus just “pointing” to the PDF on a server. Browsers seem to all do a good job of rendering/navigating PDFs these days.

As said above … you can’t protect images, you can’t protect PDFs. If it’s something crucially important then password protect with a product like SiteLok

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This could be exactly what I’m looking for. I had thought of another solution, which uses a link instead, and I will test that against this solution. Sadly, by trying too update my site with an older Stacks that I had on my desktop, I’m now locked out of RW, so I have to find a way to fix that bf I can try this one for size.

Thanks, so much.