Playing and downloading audio

I’m in the process of rebuilding my site from this to one built with Foundry.

I need to have audio up there that’s both playable and downloadable.
I have a few stacks that I’ve used on previous versions of the site (including the current iteration), like ‘Audio 2’ form Yuzool, something from Archetypon, WeaverSpace/Joe Workman and geez I got a lot of those I guess.
Anyway, my question is can I just add these stacks in on Foundry to achieve what I’m looking for or is it recommended to use something that came with either the Foundry download, Thunder or Potion?
PS…I’ll also soon have to do essentially the same with video as well except not much need for downloading capabilities.

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Hi @zamboknee,

Most third party stacks should play nice with Foundry, as long as they don’t need a specific theme (like some of the free Themeflood stacks do).

I’ve uses Multi Player from RWExtras with no problems.



As Erwin points out, most third party stacks work just fine. In fact, I haven’t found one in my collection that causes problems with Foundry. :+1:


As far as playing audio…the stacks should work fine.
To download them…compress them to zip files and put a standard link…then they will download.

Hey Joe. For clarity, I’m talking about downloading the AUDIO that the stack is playing and not the actual stack.
Just want to avoid any confusion. Thanks!

@joemart1951’s solution will achieve exactly what you want. No part of publishing your site makes the stacks themselves downloadable.

Have you thought about using Paperless
You just need to replace the spaces with _

Thanks Joe. I’ll look into that.