Popover Foundry stack not working?

Hi Adam and everyone out there,

Sorry Adam…I seem to be constantly breaking things…this time Popover stack in Foundry.

Basically it just isn’t popping up…??

This is the link to the draft site page. The Popover is the Call Us button, which is then meant to display a telephone number once clicked.


And a screenshot of the RW inspector.

The Popover stack is inside a 2 column stack inside a container stack but apart from that nothing extraordinary done to it.

Any thoughts please.

Cheers Scott

Just a hunch, but remove DateSnap as a test and see if it works and also try Position = Up as another test.

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Hi Gary,

Thanks, just tested position = Up and that didn’t fix it.

I did remove DateSnap and yep that looks like the culprit…should I contact Yabdab for a fix or is it something Adam will need to look into??

Cheers Scott

Wouldn’t hurt to contact YabDab about it. Good luck.

Thanks Gary, yep have popped an email out to Mike at YabDab.

Have a good weekend.

Cheers Scott