Potion Pack functionality in F2

Sure would be helpful to those of us who paid for and are using many of the stacks in the Potion Pack if there was something that mapped the basic functionality of each Potion Pack stack to one or more of the F3 stacks. It’s not fun to have to do extensive sleuthing just to see if it’s possible to recreate something working in F2 with a Potion Pack stack.

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Hey there @CappyD

Everything is completely new in Foundry 3. Not everything is 1-for-1, and often things are just done differently or maybe a specific functionality isn’t present. Plus there’s so many features in both Foundry 2 and 3 that it would be one heck of a chart. If you have specific things you want to know you can ask here or shoot me an email. No sleuthing needed.

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Yeah, figured that would be the reaction, but really just looking for one line for each, not a huge extensive chart - like: if you use PP stack X, take a look at F3 tools A and B. done.

But okay, one thing I do is use the Motion stack applied to background with a Ken Burns effect on the specified image with an overlay. Anything in F3 to do that?

Motion is not something that was brought over to Foundry 3. It was heavily based on jQuery and with eliminating jQuery from Foundry 3 it meant not including Motion. That said, I know this is a popular tool, and I’ve even been discussing it with the beta testers this week, so I’m looking into making a CSS based version if at all possible. That said, as you know I have a lot of support both here on the forum, and even more so in my email inbox right now, so I have no time to devote to coding anything at this moment. If support settles down some in the coming weeks I can get back to research, coding and tutorial video recording and production.


Well, that’s a major problem as it sets the basic look of my entire site. Are you saying there is nothing in F3 that can, at the very least, put an image on the site background even without a motion effect?

And if anybody wants to chime in on any other RW stack they know of that will do an image on background with Ken Burns effect, please do.

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You can add an image to the background of anything using the Background tool. You can add an image to the background of your Site using the Control Center. You asked about Motion, so that is what I replied in regards to. I didn’t know you were asking about all background solutions, as that was not what I took from your question:

The question was indeed about a motion effect… I just figured that you should at least be able to do it without motion in F3 and wanted to see how to do that if I have to sacrifice the motion effect.