Potion Pack: how to buy?

Adam: I got the notice about the Potion Pack, but there seems to be no way to purchase. When I click purchase button it only gives me the option of Foundry (regular) or pre-built projects.

Okay, it’s working now!

Guessing is was just a bit of browser caching. A good old refresh probably cleared it up. :+1:

BTW, I won’t have time to explore the new Potion pack in detail until tomorrow. But at first look through this seems to be a gorgeous set of extra stacks! Really nicely done.


Adam this is just excellent. Great work. I am guessing you haven’t had a holiday this summer :smile:


Thanks! LOL. You are correct. No holiday, yet.

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Instant buy. Just in time for my new projects!

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Thanks @mitchellm! Hope you enjoy them.

Awesome! Glad to hear they arrived just in time for your new projects. Though my deadline slipped many times, I am glad they are finally released!

I can’t wait to see what @egomade is going to built with it!

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