Potion pack : seek

Seek is pretty great.

Might you be considering the option to seek ‘non-linear’ content, nested stacks perhaps? That is, to allow for seeking more exiting layouts as well, such as a card deck, for example, wherein each card is separately identifiable as a potential search result (other cards becoming invisible, visible ones reshuffling into order)?

Your seek sample of superheroes is nice, but I can’t see a way to have a columnar layout for them. Unless I am missing something, for now, each search target must be above or below one another.

Thank You.

Are you asking if the results could be returned into something likes columns or the like? If so, no, they cannot. You can put whatever you like into a seek stack – columns, paragraphs, whatever, but the results are only shown or not shown based on the results of the search. It could be possible to set them up in something like a masonry layout perhaps. I’ll drop this into my things to look into folder.

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If I add columns, for example, all content in those columns, in every column, will display if either column’s content matches the search term in part. Similarly, if I add a card deck (dropped in as a Seek item), the entire card deck is returned as a result, when either of the card’s content is matched.

I am asking if it may become possible to either (1) format the Seek items’ layout itself; instead of having a ‘linear list’ of Seek items, perhaps - as an example - having those in a grid, (or a column), or to (2) add search ability to the card deck instead, for example, wherein cards without matching the search term would get dropped from the deck upon display.


Sorry if my previous reply was not clear. I do in fact understand what you’re wanting to do, and as you know Seek cannot do that. Including a search functionality in the Cards stack for instance also would not automatically give you what you’re looking for either. It would need to be something specially designed and coded into Seek.

If you’re in need of something like this right now there is a 3rd-party stack from YabDab called Filter that does what you’re wanting.

That is correct. Anything searched that matches anything placed within one Seek child-stack will return the whole child-stack’s contents as the result. This is exactly how it is designed to work. Each child stack is in essence a “result.”

Thank You very much, Adam.