Potion Pack, Thunder Pack & Foundry 3?

I didn’t see an answer here in the forums so I thought I’d ask and also seek advice.

A bit of background…I hadn’t updated my consulting website since about 2013 or so and it hasn’t been getting much traffic. I had used the RW and Stacks versions available in that era. When I went to update my site I found out pretty much none of the stacks I used then still exist. I’m trying to squeeze this upgrade into my “spare time” while teaching three environmental science courses at two colleges, so my time to keep changing and re-learning software is a bit constrained. I don’t have sufficient finances to pay for someone to build the site and I wanted to do it myself anyway.

So to rebuild my website I upgraded RW and purchased Foundry 2, Potion Pack, and Thunder Pack and began the update. Then I upgraded to RW Classic when it became necessary and Stacks 5 fairly recently. I’d finished about a third or so of my website rebuild, then Foundry 3 was born and I upgraded to that. So I can’t import my partially rebuilt website into Foundry 3 and, although I spent a lot of money not that long ago on them, I’m guessing that neither Potion Pack nor Thunder Pack will work in Foundry 3. Is that correct? If so, do the stacks in Foundry 3 cover the capabilities available in those 2 packs? If it doesn’t have those capabilities, are the packs going to be upgraded? Any advice on the best way for me to proceed?

Thanks in advance to the community!

Bob Powell

There is a pinned FAQ on this forum that answers all of your questions

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Oh, thanks! That is very odd. I looked through those previously and didn’t see the comments on the two packs; even though I did a search of the forums also for the two packs and only got old info. I’ll blame my new glasses for not seeing them on the URL you provided. I can’t find a spot in my progressive lenses where things aren’t blurry on my computer screens. Hopefully my brain will get used to them. I admit I’m not keen on beginning yet another website rebuild to use V3. By the time I get it finished we will probably have V4. LOL. I’m not that speedy on website building.

You have time. It’s been a two year dev cycle for f3

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Additionally if the site you’re building with Foundry 2 fits your needs why cause yourself more headache by redesigning it in Foundry 3?

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