Previews? - Backdrop Gradients, Hover Image Effects

Not sure what you’d call what I am wanting -
Just thinking of two Foundry stacks - Backdrop has a huge number of Gradient Presets, and Hover Image a huge number of Effects.
Is there a place where you can see previews of these Gradient Presets and Effects, each with their names?
I know in practice I’d tend to use just a few Gradients and Effects, but a preview page would help get to know what’s available.
If these are standard web gradients and effects, maybe there is a place I can go to see them in action.

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There is not such a thing at this time.

You can however load the stack up on a page, select the stack and then switch to Preview Mode and look through the different settings. They’ll preview live in Preview Mode.

Addendum: Let me see if I can’t work something up today.

Alright… Here’s a project file that contains samples for all of the Backdrop preset gradients. Note the Rosebud preset will appear as Ocean for you. It is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.

The project file also contains four additional pages of samples for the Hover Image stack’s effects. This only samples the effects in the General settings. There’s far too many combinations to demonstrate every combination of styling.

Beware – the Hover Image pages will be slow in Edit Mode. There’s a LOT of variables under the hood for one Hover Image stack, and we’re throwing a LOT of Hover Image stacks on a single page, which is not recommended. Things should be perfectly fine in Preview Mode though.

Download link:


Wow Adam
Above and beyond customer support once again

I might take this an publish it to a documentation page somewhere. I’m just hesitant to do so because it would mean keeping it in sync with any future changes to these stacks,