Problem on iPad

Hello, i have a problem with a website on a ipad, when you load the website in landscape, you can not see the footer of the website, when you turn the ipad vertical, you see the footer, also after you turn back in landscape, you see the footer. But after reload the website in landscape, the footer is gone? What is the problem here?
Best regards, Ribse You van visit the website here:

I’d be glad to look at your project file. If you wish to make a ZIP file that includes your project file and any non-Foundry stacks you’re using on the problem page(s) and email that ZIP file to me I can look at it.

Hallo Adam,
i now what is the problem, i used Parallax Flight2 stack, and this give me the problem. Have you a suggestions what is a good Parallax stack?
Ps: when is the new Photogallery ready?
Best Regards, Ribse

Have you a suggestions what is a good Parallax stack?

I do not. Sorry.

when is the new Photogallery ready?

What photo gallery are you referring to? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anything about a photo gallery stack besides the one that ships with Foundry.

Hallo adam,
2 weeks ago you said next:
Foundry use Stacks-based pages only. Collage 2 is not a stack, so you’re not going to be able to use it with Foundry. Anything you wish to use, for the most part, will need to be Stacks-based. You’re in luck though – Foundry comes with a Gallery stack.

The is no “new photogallery” stack @Ribse. The stack already exists within the library of Foundry stacks. This is why it was confusing when you ask “when is the new Photogallery ready?”, as the stack already is available and has been a part of Foundry since its release. :slight_smile: