Problem with password


I just installed Alloy, but I’m having trouble with the password.
I am in RW 8, foundry is installed and I proceeded as on the presentation video simply when I do “admin” I do not know the password to enter. I have an admi record for this site but it shows me a login or password error.

Can you tell me what the password is?

Thank you

Just go through the Editor Password Setup again and create a new password. Watch the Quick Start Editor video: Quick Start | Alloy


Thank you for your feedback, but there is something that escapes me.
When I repost by unchecking setup the page asks me for username and password. And there someoit, after several tries I still can not access the page.
This password is which one because I kept admin.
The Hashed Pass has been done. When and what password should I use?
Thank you

Have you watched the quick start video? I believe this answers everything you’re asking.

The hashed password is the secured form of your password so that the password is not sitting in plain text somewhere on your server. When you login in you use your user name and the password you used in creating your hashed password.

In all seriousness— go watch that video and follow along step-by-step.

Hello again,

I did indeed follow the explanation and I always encounter the problem with an error message.
However I wonder if the problem would not come from the fact that I use a theme which is “Planar 2” and which renders the images copy-proof.

Because when I do the first manipulation to obtain the hashed pass, the result is not copyable, I have to go through a screenshot to be able to transform the formula into a copyable one.

Could this be a lead or is there another solution

Thank you

Alloy is built for Foundry. This is one of the requirements which is listed in the Alloy documentation: Alloy Documentation

You cannot use it with anything by Foundry.

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If you’re unfamiliar with using Foundry, be sure to check out Foundry’s Quick Start as well. It walks you through the first steps of using Foundry, including choosing the Foundry theme for your project:


Thank you for all these explanations and I really managed to log in and create a blog page with the foundry theme.

On the other hand I encounter the following problem on which I stumble:
I can’t see the finalized blog page, I still have the login screen. No more worries in editor mode, but how do you view the final page? and if I put myself on a visitor computer, the identification screen appears. Can you tell me the reason?

Thank you

I’m going to assume that you have not watched the Quick Start video labeled “Setting up the Blog” yet, correct? This shows you how to setup the visitor facing blog page.

As for users seeing your Editor login — the Editor should have its own editor folder that you don’t make known to your visitors. This too is covered in the Editor Quick Start video.

Please watch these two videos and follow along with them as they go.

Hi @Alain ,

I don’t want to interfere, but I was wondering if your native language is English? Your name (Alain) sounds French, so it could be you missed an important item in the videos. If so, I can try to explain to you some basics in French? Once you get the logic behind Alloy, it’ easy peasy. Just let me know. :wink:

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Hello @Panans

Thank you for flying to my rescue.
Indeed I am French and the English language is not totally acquired to me and I am trying to understand the alloy process.
I took a few steps but not everything.
I managed to connect in editor mode, now I stumble on navigating between edit mode and view mode. Recently I have now on the screen in the upper part the visualization and in the lower part the possibility of managing the posts … it’s a little confusing … but it seems that the language is the problem basic :wink:

Ce serait vraiment super si vous pouviez me donner les bonnes bases

Bonjour Alain,

Le Français n’est pas ma langue maternelle, mais étant Belge qui vit en France je ne me débrouille pas mal en Français. Si vous vivez en France également, on peut téléphoner si vous voulez. Si non, envoyez moi un mail et je vous envoie quelques photos d’écran avec un peu d’explications? Mon adresse mail se trouve dans mon ‘account’ sur cette page-ci (en cliquant sur mon photo. Il faut peut-être passer par mon site web pour trouver mon adresse mail).

Bien à vous,


@elixirgraphics Problem Resolved