Progress and circle progress stacks value

Is possible to pass a value from a calculation or database, to progress or circle progress stacks instead to pick it up in Stack > General > Percentage - Level, converting from static to dynamic value?

No, that is not an option for this stack. There are some other 3rd party stacks that are able to do this. Search on the Rapidweaver Market place for them.


Hi Steve_J, Thank you for your answer. I had been looking around in Rapidweaver Market place, but I didn’t find anything usable for my purposes. I looking to start a classroom web, and I would like to use this method to show, automatically student’s progress when he/her finish a step/class. The most similar is Gsheet, but doesn’t work as I like and all the other are not so beautiful like Foundry stacks. Any suggestion? Thanks.

1Little Designer has two stacks that work together to accomplish what you are looking for.

Optic stats and live Data stack

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Thank you very much for the information. I will try to use them, and I will share the results.
Best regards.

Hi, after a los of test, the results are not what I was supposed to achieve.
Someone know if there is any stack like: If… Then, else?
If a condition is correct between to values fields then show a stack or else show another stack?
I tried to grab data into sheet, and I do it, but you cannot grab in specific row.colums destination.
I don’t know if there is any other solution other then siphon.
Optic Stats, works well, but it is hopeful if cell definition can be variable instead to pick up a value directly in the field, making it variable.
So, at the end I’m still looking to find new possible solution.
Thank you for your help.