Question about the new ‘Poster’ blog stack (from InStacks)

I am interested in getting the new ‘Poster’ stack (from InStacks) for a Foundry site, and want to know if it’s possible to put the blog items into a responsive grid, rather than one or two columns only, as presented in the ‘Poster’ demo site’s two Foundry examples. I thought this would be a question for Elixir, though I can contact InStacks if necessary.

This would be a question for InStacks. You’ll want to shoot them an email about this. I suspect you can place the Poster stacks insider just about any sort of stack, so I don’t see it being a problem, but you’ll want to talk to them about what is possible with their stack(s).

You are able to place Poster Stack into any other stack container.

Poster Stack itself is able to arrange the Poster Items (blog posts) in one - four columns.

Jannis (from InStacks) was very helpful through several emails.
One of my initial problems was when it didn’t go to 3 or 4 columns on my iPad. After an email from Jannis, I checked other iPads and realized that I needed to update/upgrade my iOS for it to display properly.
Also, the demo of the Poster stack, displayed in the ‘Parker’ theme is displayed in multiple columns, though I didn’t realize (until an email from Jannis) that the Poster demos aren’t theme specific and gets displayed the same in Foundry.
Thanks you Jannis and Adam for your great help!

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