Question around "Go Back" behaviour


Just starting to look at the Alloy set of stacks and have a query around the behaviour of the “Go Back” functionality within the Full Entry View.

When selecting a post in the Summary View, viewing it Full Entry and then selecting Go Back, you get taken back to start of the Summary View which is all great. However if viewing a post that originates in anything other than the first page of the Summary View, is being taken back to the very start desirable? I would imagine not and possibly not what a end-user would expect

Is this expected behaviour?

Regards, Brian

The Go Back functionality is specifically designed to return to the summaries view. If you want you can change the button name to Summaries or Blog or something else if that makes more sense to you. Going back to the summary view is the expected result though.

Thanks for the quick response.

My concern is not that it takes you to the Summary View, but that it takes you to the very beginning of the Summary View, as opposed to the “block” in the Summary View from where you came

If you think of a scenario when someone may be catching up on a series of missed posts, which could be spread over a number of “blocks” within the summary. On reading each post and selecting “Go back”, they would then need to page through the summaries again to get to next post they may want to read

Yes - they could use the back functionality within the browser.

Just an observation

Regards, Brian

It can’t currently do what you’re wanting it to unfortunately. But if it is a concern on where it goes back to you can of course disable the go back button in the settings.

If you use the conditional Alloy stack you can place a button below the Full Entry View area with this code javascript:history.go(-1) as the url. It will take you to the previous page you were on.


Many thanks @Steve_J - that’s a nice solution

Regards, Brian

that’s a great solution.
:slight_smile: Gerhard