Question on making Overlap and Margins stacks work together

I got my image to overlap the banner how I was hoping it to but with that addition I also ended up with this white stripe in the space between the text and the image. The same height as what I set the top of the margin for. The body text is inside the same float stack as the overlap image. Does the overlap stack have to be all on its own? The width of the image is rather narrow so that was my reason for not just putting it all on its own.

I should mention the reason there are several margin stacks in my screen shot is I at first thought that I was putting the stack in the wrong location. It looks like wherever I put the margin I still get the white stripe.

As per usual please provide a project file for us to examine how things are setup.

Do you have remove base margin selected in your banner setting?

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Uncheck the Margins and use the Padding setting instead. Also, remove the base margin from the banner stack if it is checked also as @stackJunkie mentioned.

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And make sure the color in the overlap setting is set to 0 to be transparent. That is the most common error with this stack for me :slight_smile:


It looks replacing the margin with with padding did what I wanted! You can see in the screen shot that the white line is gone.

Yes @Steve_J and @stackJunkie I have “remove baseline margin” checked on the banner. @Fuellemann Do you mean background color or border color? I don’t think I changed any of the color settings in the Overlap stack as the image is just a PNG with a transparent background.


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