Quick Editor Admin Issue's

I just purchased 1 Little Designers new stack “Quick Editor Admin” and so far I haven’t been able to get it to work with Foundry. Has anyone else tried to implement this stack into their Foundry site yet?


Did you contact the 1ld support?

One thing to check: The instructions and the stack do a poor job of reminding you that it utilizes PHP. In fact, it’s literally no where on the instructions page.

So, it creates an index.php file. RW won’t delete your original index.html file, so try visiting your URL as: http://yourdomain/yourpage.php?admin to access the admin page, and delete the index.html from the directory so it will default to the index.php page.

edit: oh, and about Foundry. Yeah, it certainly works. It’s a really nifty, but fairly rudimentary CMS. It works great on simple text, image, buttons, etc. If images are inside a more complex stack, like a card stack they aren’t editable. But I haven’t even tried out the wrapper stack yet, so there may be a way to make those work too.


That was the issue, thanks Bioguy

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