Quick Foundry update

Hey there!

It is nearly the end of the year – can you believe that? Crazy.

That said I’ve got a big update for Foundry that is getting closer to completion, which will not only bring a lot of new features to Foundry itself, but will also add several brand-new stacks as well to the base Foundry set, along with a few other goodies as well.

I’ve got betas in the hands of several people and I’m churning along on a completely new set of Documentation pages. I need to record videos for all of the new stacks and even some of the older stacks as well. In addition to the heavily updated Documentation pages I’m also redesigning the Foundry site itself as well.

I’m a ways out still on getting things wrapped up, but wanted you all to know why I’ve been so quiet lately. This update is going to be big. I can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands in the beginning of next year.

At the end of this week I’m going to be taking a little time off so that my wife and I can take a little down time and go on a short road trip. I’ll have access to email from time to time, but my replies will be slower than normal. I’d encourage everyone to ask their questions here on the forum, where other community members, in addition to myself, might be able to also assist you. This way if my response time is slow you might get a quicker answer from the community.

Exciting things ahead!


This is great news & eagerly anticipated ! Happy Holidaze !


Enjoy a well deserved break!

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How about a little sneak preview of what’s about to come? :grin:

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Enjoy Adam! You & your wife deserve a break!
Happy Holidays!

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Thanks @1nf0t3ch! Appreciate the kind words!

Hey there @pumpkin – I can’t give any teasers yet, as I’m on the road traveling, buuuut, once I get back maybe I can tease one of the smaller features.


So since @pumpkin asked, I’ll say that one of the new stacks that will be added in this update is called Navigation Bar Pro. It is a manually curated navigation stack that allows you a great deal of flexibility in how your navigation is arranged and styled.


Great and exciting news, Adam! Just to let you know once more, Foundry and all the stacks coming with it, is such fun to use. I wouldn’t want to miss it one day and I am really looking forward to the upcoming improvements. Don’t forget to take a well deserved break in between. Best wishes and have a wonderful 2020!


Thanks @Juergen for the kind words! I think fun is a necessary element in web design, so I’m glad you’re finding fun in it, too!