Quick reference for support & documentation

I’ve noticed several questions lately in both my inbox and here on the forum that are covered in the documentation for the tools in question, so I wanted to take just a moment to provide some links to the various documentation portals for everyone in the event you might not already know that these support and documentation resources exist.

Documentation & Tutorials:

Documentation: Foundry Documentation
Most of the documentation pages contain a tutorial video and an example as well.

Tutorials: Learning Center: Foundry Tutorial Videos

Documentation: Alloy Documentation

Tutorials: Alloy Tutorials


Elixir’s other stacks and themes have their own Support Hub. You can find their documentation and tutorial videos there, along with links to the Foundry and Alloy portals as well. The Elixir Support hub also contains a FAQ, order lookup system and more!

Elixir Support Hub: Elixir Support Hub

Searching the Elixir Forum

Additionally, I’ve seen a rise in some questions that have been touched on within the forum that get asked a lot to me via email. I just wanted to also remind everyone of the search feature here on the forum. It is pretty comprehensive, and we’ve got years worth of knowledge accumulated here within.

An example of one that is asked a lot is why some of Foundry’s stacks are missing their icons. While this is answered on the Elixir FAQ, it is also covered here on the forum. A quick search of “Missing Icons” turns up a result for the perfect thread to explain this. So be sure to give the forum search a try before making a new post.