Quotation marks in blog post title

I have met a problem with quotation marks in a post title. They are displayed correctly in the blog on the website (screenshot 1), but in the Email generated by the RSS feed they look like this (screenshot 2). Is there a way to display them allways correctly? Or do I have to renounce using them and do without them?
Thank you for your help

Hey there @6harps – Good morning. Looks like you double posted this topic. In the future please just post once. Someone will see your post. :wink:

As for the encoded quotation marks: They’ve been properly encoded for the RSS XML file so as to not cause your feed any problems. Since Alloy doesn’t send out automated RSS feed emails I assume you’re using a service or piece of software for this. Whatever you’re using to email your RSS feed should be converting those encoded quotation marks because generating the email.

Oh, sorry, I thought the other thread is not active any more… I will post only once in the future. :smiley: :+1:

And thank you for your reply, I will contact my newsletter service to solve the problem.
Best regards