RapidProject8 now available for Foundry

I wanted to post this here first.

I have now created a Foundry version of my popular Project8 - see http://webdeersign.com/pr8demo2/ for demo. The project also uses the amazing new Poster stack as well as several of the best available free “donation ware” stacks from S4S and BWD.

The project uses several new features to Foundry, including warehoused images and backgrounds. In addition, the included Paddy stacks provides multi screen width breakpoints for critical parts of the design and proportional spacing, i.e. padding based on % instead of px that scales with your screen width.

Converting from a Foundation project to a Foundry project was an enlightening exercise. In the Foundry version I have made use of some of the features not available in Foundation such as Cards, Card Deck, Nav Overlay, Progress Bars, Labels, Icon font, Badges and Button Bar. I think the Nav Overlay is really impressive. Oh, and 1 click height equalisation as well as vertical centering of content in 2, 3 & 4 columns.

At no point in the conversion did I get unstuck and the support documentation and videos were all clear and easy to find in one page. I am very impressed.

Full details are at http://webdeersign.com/projects/#pr8


I forgot to mention that inStacks have kindly given a 20% off code for Poster that can be used on the inStacks site. The code is included with Project8 in the project notes.


This is forkin good news! Gary, are you planning on bringing any of your other excellent projects to Foundry in the future???


That is a great idea :slight_smile:

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I forkin hope so. What I was surprised at was that I could do things that I couldn’t do with Foundation. The Card Deck is a great example and this opens up new possibilities for the other Projects where I would have like to use a layout similar to the Card Deck.

Also I realised that some of my Paddy stacks are very similar to some Foundry stacks. E.g. My PaddyCol is really an enhanced Container stack and my PaddyColPad is very similar to the Margins stack, but with proportional padding (in %) with breakpoints. Foundry and Paddy stacks are a great fit.


Project 5, 6 and 7 would be an instant buy from me :slight_smile:

@Fuellemann Thanks for the feedback. Yes I will adapt P5, P6 and P7 shortly for Foundry. Excited to see what they will look like and see what extra Foundry stuff I can add in to each.


Like I mentioned to @webdeersign in a direct message – I’d be very much interested in seeing what you you come up with using solely the Foundry stacks. Could be a fun challenge.

Glad you’re enjoying Foundry. Hopefully you also find it useful for client projects and the like as well.