RE: Orbit 2 slider

I recently purchased the orbit 2 slider and I was seriously hoping there would be sample files to go along with the stack - at least of the examples on the sales page. Curious if this exists anywhere. I want to re-create some of the examples from the sales page.

Also, will there ever be an update to use self-hosted video? I don’t use YouTube or Vimeo as I don’t want other people’s suggested content popping up on my client’s sites after a video plays and I like more control over design features. I use (and love) Adilo for video hosting.


Hi there – There aren’t current plans to add self-hosted videos to Orbit. Not to say it can’t happen, but it isn’t something I’ve got on the roadmap for it as of now. Most Stacks users gravitate toward hosted solutions like YouTube or Vimeo as it saves them bandwidth and money so that is the direction I went for Orbit.

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