"Read More" jumps to the top of the Page

I am using a Hero banner on a blog and when I click on a Read More button it jumps to the top of banner. Is there a way to tell the Blog Entries to set the top of the page to be the top of one blog article or maybe teach it to open the blog in a new tab?

Hey there @Mho

No, you can’t pick an anchor to make the page load at… but you could use a Conditional perhaps, and only include the Hero banner on the Summaries view, with a different banner, or Topper Plus on the Full Entry view.

You can checkout this video about Conditionals if you’ve not used them:

Some stacks may or may not work in Conditionals. It is best to keep things as simple as possible in them.

If you do want to take things further you can look at Topper Plus as well:

Both of these stacks come with Alloy.

Opening in a new tab would result in the same page being opened, banner and all. The blog entry is loaded dynamically based off of the URL and the markdown file for the entry. It always loads on the same page. This is just how it works, and is designed to work. I think the Conditionals stack though should help you achieve what you’re wanting to do with Alloy.

Thanks Adam, I will try and if I learn anything more I will post it here.