Rebuilding Alloy after a delete

Before I get to the problem (because you know there’s always a problem), I do want to say that over the past couple of months I’ve built two sites with Foundry, the second also with Alloy, and they are fantastic! Being unfamiliar with Markdown, I balked at buying Alloy at first, but the new editor is awesome.

So now I have a totally self-inflicted problem with the Alloy site. I have the site already live online even though I’m still uploading content. Last night I made a couple of major changes and decided I wanted to get rid of any old problems and re-publish everything, so I got on my host site and deleted my public_html where my site resides and republished. Everything worked fine except my Blog page and my Editor page, which both had similar errors starting with “fatal error: Call to undefined function array_column() in…” and then continues with the folder for each and a line number. I tried sifting through the trash and pulled out a couple of files that didn’t seem to exist in the new upload, but I still got the same results and finally made myself quit before I really screwed things up.

My site is new enough and I only have a couple of blogs (which I managed to save) so it won’t kill me to just delete my Alloy pages and start again, but it would be nice to know if there’s a way around that. Not just for this time, but in case I decide to wipe and re-build in the future.

Thanks for any help!

You should not delete the public_html folder. You need to contact your hosting company and have them rebuild that for you. Php and othe scripting languages are tied to that directory. You can delete the content in that directory, but I would still be careful what is deleted.

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Good morning @PPGWeb

@Steve_J is right in that you should contact your host regarding your deletion of the public_html folder. After you’ve done that and you’re all patched up, if your problems persist…

The only thing Alloy creates outside of RapidWeaver is the posts file which holds your blog post markdown files. If you’ve republished your project file after having deleted everything, and you’ve gone through the password setup for the Editor again, you’ll need to make sure you’ve put your posts folder back in place. Best thing to do, so that you can see where the markdown files need to go, is to visit the blog and let it make the posts folder with an example post. Then you can log into your FTP server and upload your markdown files into your posts folder.

As for the error message – I can’t troubleshoot that without a few things. I will need a link to the page with the error as well as the actual error message. It will be helpful to have a ZIP file that contains your project file as well as the contents of your posts folder in case I need that for testing.

Thank you both for the info. I won’t be deleting that again! I think I can get it straightened out now, so I’ll get to work and let you know what happens. If the errors persist, I will send all the links and info for you to see.

Thanks again!


Let us know how it goes.

OK I’m all fixed up. My web host is earning their $1 this month!

Thanks for your help and I will NOT, I repeat NOT be deleting my public folder again.


Not a problem. We all do something like that at some point. Important thing is just to learn from our mistakes. Glad you’re all sorted out and up and running again.