Recent posts (custom font) and blog img (custom size)

I’d like to restyle this font. It’s set this way in the control center because that is the same font used in the mega menu (menu at the bottom). So I need to keep it there, but I want to change it in the recent posts which is also using control center’s settings. Can I add some CSS to the stack to do this?

Other things was if you look at my blog page:

There are some pics that are not sized correctly:

They are cut off and cropped. Any way to customize this so they aren’t cut off and cropped incorrectly?


The Recent Posts stack uses the Base Font to keep a consistent look for your content. It does not have a setting for changing the font.

They are sized correctly. They’re designed to size themselves to match the height of the Title & Summary content for their specific post. It is working as it is designed to.

No, there is not a way to change that. They’re automatically cropped or re-sized to keep their proportions yet match the height of the summary content.

Also, you need to categorize your forum post.