Recent Stacks update

After the recent Stacks update Foundry doesn’t show Multithemes stacks, Hypetitle etc.?
I’m using RW version 7.5.7 (18828). Anyone else noticed that?

That sounds like something to address with @isaiah from YourHead as he’s the developer for Stacks.

Did you restart your Mac? I know how this sounds, but I have seen it did help another time.

Yes, no help of restarting.
I contacted Yourhead, they said that they are aware of the problem and are working on it.


I suspect the problem here has less to do with Multithemes – which should behave as well as before – but with RapidWeaver 7.

RW7 Preview mode is a bit of an outlier – different than everything else – and there is a rather nasty bug that’s preventing some stacks from working properly in preview.

Reports so far (and my personal experience) is that the problem lies only in Preview mode using RapidWeaver 7 (in the app and in a browser). Publishing seems fine – and edit mode has no issues.

If that’s what you’re noticing too, then I’m working on that bug today and hope to be done by the end of the week. So look for a beta version sometime early next week.

If you’re experiencing something different, if the problem seems to exist even outside of RW 7 Preview – then I think you should send me your RW environment so that I can see exactly what you’re seeing.

Here is how to share to share your project and RapidWeaver environment:

When I have both of these things here, I should be able to see what you see. And we can work from there.

Sounds great.
Thanks Isaiah!

Nothing has happened. My RW 7 is basically useless. Several stacks don’t work in Foundry or other themes. Stacks are invisble in review mode or when I try to check them in browser.

You’ll want to contact YourHead support via their support channels. You’re more likely to get help with their products via their support and not mine.

Yes I have tried, they are unresponsive.

I am sorry to hear that. But you’re still more likely to get help directly from them than through a third-party’s forum I suspect. Perhaps their support is simply overwhelmed right now. As the holidays approach more people have time off from work and thus might be working on side projects, like websites. I know my support load is higher right now than normal.