Reposted: Best Self-Hosted Video Stack

Looking for the best option for a Video Stack that allows for self-hosted videos in 2020

Player from stacks4stacks:


Ok, thanks for that. I just need to check the the difference between their "Player" and "VideoPlayer"

Looking good!

Since I’m looking for a non-Vimeo and definitely a non-youtube solution to share my video’s this looks suitable. I don’t like the 4K to SD conversion, YouTube is using.

Is there any way to include local video within Alloy btw?

Cheers, Peter

All done. Thank you for the link

You can use HTML within Markdown. Being that Alloy uses Markdown for its blogs you can embed videos or add your own code for self hosted videos. Alloy itself does not handle video files itself.

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Thank you for that information regarding self hosted videos within Alloy using Markdown