Revamped angling blog

River Running

Re-jig of an old site that used Henk’s Retract theme that had developed multiple problems over the years. Re-did it in Foundry yesterday afternoon. It’s all Foundry apart from Armadillo which is used for the blog and Stacks4Stacks’ Fontstack which provides the Cinzel font for Armadillo…

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Great to revisit your fishing stories, Foundry or otherwise. I agree completely with the the sentiments expressed by the reader in the top blog post. I see you have some Chris Yates’ type accoutrements, the high priest of non-tech fishing.


Thanks Bob. Yes, A Passion for Angling was one of the things that got me back into fishing after quite a long break and I’ve embraced certain aspects of traditional angling. Probably enjoy the kettle the most, but I also seem to have acquired a large number of centrepins!