Reveal Pro, opacity settings not working for hover

Hi all, I am using the Revel Pro stack and the opacity settings do not seem to work. For my use case I am nesting a Display stack within a Reveal Pro stack with the intended outcome of having the stack go from 95% opacity to 100% when hovered over.

You can see an example of the effect I would like to achieve here. It’s the second one labeled “Hover Over Image”.

Any help sorting this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I don’t see how it can be done with Reveal Stack either. I tried Hover Stack, which does the job, but I can’t get rid of the captions zone. I fear you need to look for a hover stack elsewhere, unless someone has a CSS solution for this. :unamused:


Seems like a bug. I’ll give it a look today.

@zandtsheik Check for updates to Thunder in the Stacks updater. After installing the update (v1.1.4) restart RapidWeaver and give it another go.

Thanks for the update @elixirgraphics, the opacity settings work now!

Glad to help. Have fun with Reveal Pro! :tada:


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