RSS feed including pictures?


the RSS feed does not contain images. From what I have read, this is possible, if the image is described in CDATA, e.g.:

<img width="120" height="102" src="" alt="Foto: Geraniengeschmücktes Fenster" />

Will this be possible in Alloy?

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Alloy already includes images from your blog post’s content in the RSS feed. Here’s an example of an image, highlighted, within an RSS feed, which is output from Alloy:

Thanks - does this include the topper image? So far I have not inserted any pictures within the posts…

No. The topper image is not included as it is not a part of the content of the blog post.

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Perfect - then I will use some in-post pictures :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d like to also include images in my RSS feed, isolated to the channel tag.

We’re incorporating this feed into an app, and this image is needed for that solution.

From what I understand the Image tag is part of the RSS spec as I’m sure you’re aware. I think I know the code change needed but I’m not sure how to apply it to the RSS feed root so I don’t have to manual apply the edit each time my site changes. Any direction to get this addressed would be immensely helpful. The solution may also solve a RSS feed carousel I’m working on building. A slider that displays the last x post image with header, and summary text.

This change has a few implications. If it can be made optional for future builds of Alloy, great.


You’re replying to a thread that is four years old. The option to include the Topper image within the RSS feed was already added to Alloy on November 20, 2020. Please see the Alloy Release Notes page.


Yeah it’s weird when things on the internet become relevant. Random. I have that version installed, and I have the the image included option enabled. The link is in the CDATA, not on the tag in the RSS channel spec. That’s the issue, the current approach makes isolating the image url from the block of html text challenging for a new developer.

Hope that clarifies.

The way the feed is constructed is not going to change any time soon. I’m currently working on other, larger projects at this time. This may get revisited in the future, but for the time being I’m happy with how things work.

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