RW-Foundry Website won't load in Chrome or Opera browsers

Greetings! Out of the blue, my website went from being beautiful (to me at least;) to not uploading on Google Chrome (fine on Safari). - If I hit the ‘refresh button’ several times, my website eventually does appear…so it’s ‘there’ but not loading. It was fine a week ago. Any ideas on how to fix this? Seems like one problem after another since Google changed its algorithms last spring, but not sure if this is a Foundry, Google or Foundry/Google issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

My host has narrowed it down to a CSS issue, so either Rapidweaver or Foundry I think. A bit of information that may help rooting out a cause is that, although all of my files are labelled .php in my website rapidweaver file, for some reason (and without any interference from me) my whole website labelled itself .html I have now changed them back and republished, but it hasn’t helped with the issue of my website not coming up in Chrome (my host found that it isn’t coming up on Opera either). I’ve also redownloaded Foundry and dragged and dropped to replace in Rapidweaver, but it hasn’t helped. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Hi there @Bonny

Hope you’re having a nice weekend overall. Sorry you’re having trouble on your end.

That is quite strange. Foundry has no control over that unfortunately. I’m unclear if this happened in your project file or on your server. You should probably report that to Realmac if it changed in your project file. If it changed on your server than your host should be able to help you there. Foundry though like I said has no control over this aspect of your site.

As for your site not displaying in Chrome – I just loaded up the URL you posted above in Chrome and it displayed fine here the first time, no issues at all:

I proceeded to reload it multiple times using Chrome and it never failed here. I even cleared my cache and did it a few more times without issue. Not sure what version of Chrome you’re on, but this is what I’m using here and it indicates I’m up to date:

Any chance you’ve got any Chrome extensions installed that might be giving you problems perhaps?

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Hello Bonny,

Your website looks beautiful on Chrome!

Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Thank you for checking Ros. Eventually I honed in on it being a TSOHost server issue. I moved my website to a new server and all issues were resolved. So happy it is all fixed now:)

Good to hear. I’ll close this thread then.