RW7 offers Foundation support link when using Foundry

@elixirgraphics I noticed that there is a link to Foundation Support from within RW7.3 in the Help dropdown. I have seen this before when using Foundation and assumed it was an intelligent Help link detected from the Master Theme. However, when using Foundry, it still links to Foundation Help and doesn’t show Foundry help, which makes little sense and ruins an otherwise very useful feature If RM are not aware of this, it might be worth letting them know.

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I don’t have Foundation, but I use Foundry. In my help dropdown, it links to

If you have Foundation installed also, maybe that changes things.

Do you get the Title Foundry Support that links to the correct place in the Help dropdown?

Yes, I do.

The link links to

This is what I see with a Foundry file open. Looks like a RW bug then.

Your RW layout looks a bit different to mine also. Have you customised it?

BTW, also noticed “live folders”. Never seen them before. What are they for?

Just a default RW7 installation and no customisation except to clear the Support logs frequently and never ever use the built in FTP. No idea what the live folders are.

The stack has a special URL in its PLIST file. This allows RW to pick that up and add an entry in the Help menu. The stack doesn’t have any more control than that though over things. If you’re hitting a bug where it isn’t being displayed properly, hit Realmac up with a support ticket so they can look into it for you.

Currently Foundry’s Help menu entry links to the main Elixir support page. I’ve been meaning to point it toward the Documentation page though. Will make that adjustment now before I forget, again.

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This has nothing to do with what stack you put on the page or with RapidWeaver itself. No need to contact Realmac, tt all has to do with what theme you have set as your default theme. See:

Foundation as Default:

Reason Pro as Default:

So you will not see the help unless your theme is set to Foundry as default.

Hi Robb, I think you have identified the issue. The Help does appear to be derived from the default theme which is pretty flawed since you need help specific for the current theme selected and as themes can be different for each page (bizarly) it raises further questions. RM should make the Help Support link dependent on the active page theme to make it worthwhile.

I honestly do not think it is needed, seriously why go to the help menu, faster just to command-tab to Safari, command-T to make a new tab and type in the URL. I have so many shortcuts now for all of the devs pages anyways. Just makes no sense to add fluff like that.

The reason is that having a direct link to a URL saves you having to open a browser and search for it. Also you musn’t assume that every user would know CMD-Tab, CMD T and then have the bookmark available. It’s pretty basic stuff that should be standard and should work. Every little thing like this adds up to making an App better. It doesn’t help that nearly every link in RW6 Help is broken and doesn’t inspire confidence in prospective new users. RW needs all the help it can get.

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If people can’t use a browser and a bookmark then why would they be developing a website.

Yet you assumed most users know that those help links are there?? I had no clue until I read this post.

Also, I would update your post on the RM Forums, as you know it is not a bug anymore.

It is a bug if it doesn’t reflect the Theme you are using. Let’s see if RM respond with an explanation and provide a solution. I would say that the Help tab is the primary place to look for support and always has been so it’s reasonable to assume users would look there.


Yes indeed his will be a good adjustment Adam :+1: