Same font every page

How do I have the same font on every page on my site?
I’ve set up the font I want using Typeface on the main page. Set it to ‘Typeface 1’ but it’s not taking on, for instance, a different page’s ‘Nav Bar.’

You’ll want to look at Stacks’ inbuilt feature called Partials. This isn’t something specific to Foundry, but something that Stacks offers as part of its underlying code base.

The video found here is older, but it describes the basics of using the feature.

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So basically I need to create a ‘partial’ of the typeface stack and drop that onto every page?

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Yes, exactly. And if you need to change it in the future, editing the partial will automatically update wherever you used it.


Would this Typeface partial affect an Alloy page as well?

Yes, if you put the partial on an Alloy page. Partials are indiscriminate.