Scroll Animations


I am F3 user and I want to give the user some subtle animations as the user scrolls the webpage. Is there a tool in F3 that can help achieve this effect. I know there is one animation tool called Gravitate, but don’t know whether it is compatible with F3 or not. Also it is a separate purchase apart from F3.

Is there any tool inbuilt within F3 that can help achieve this effect…


When you look at the Foundry 3 tools in your library you’ll see there is an Animation category.

You can learn about those Animation tools in the Foundry documentation here:

Alchemy is a basic scroll animation tool, and Wizardry is a more advanced animation tool, more akin to Gravitate, which you mentioned above.

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Thank you Adam. I can’t be more happy to say that with F3, I don’t think that there is any need to look outside anywhere.

Although there are much less number of tools in F3 as compared to F2, but anything that could be created in F2, can be created in F3 and that too with much less number of tools and on top of everything the customisation that can be achieved in F3 using the Blacksmith tool is fantabulous.

I am so glad that I put my money in Foundry. Now just excited to see what you are doing with Foundry in RW Elements.



Glad to hear it! :smiley:

There are fewer tools in Foundry 3 as I’ve combined several things into singular tools. That said, I have some new tools for Foundry 3 in the works, along with lots of new features as well.


Is there a way to do this with Foundry 2?

Yes. You can check out the Foundry 2 documentation here for the Reveal tool: Reveal Documentation