Scroll down problem

I’m seeing a problem when I use scroll down with a banner image. Here’s a quick example:

I have a feeling it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I can’t make out how to correct the issue. If you try the scroll down button in the banner image it will go about 50-to-80 pixels below the bottom of the banner.

Any suggestions for fixing this?

It is going to the bottom of the banner, it just appears that it is scrolling further since you have a fixed position navigation bar at the top of the page. I can look at your project file though if you want to send it over.

@elixirgraphics Ah, that makes sense. But it would be helpful if this didn’t happen. I’ve provided a link to] part of the project. Relevant page is called “foundry” (the other page uses a regular theme).

Easy to overcome with just the Margin stack. Have a look at what I did here with the Margin stack using your page:

This just adds a little spacing above your content, pushing it down a little to make up for the space you’re using for the sticky navigation. And since I’ve used the Margins stack, I can have it be a different amount of spacing depending on the height of your Navigation Bar at each breakpoint.

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Ah … got it. Works perfectly fine. Many thanks!

No problem. That is the fun of Foundry, for me – all of the little pieces work together in different ways to accomplish a lot of different tasks.

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