"Scroll to" stack or similar

with “Scroll to” stack is possible to go a marker on another page?
If not possible, any suggestion to do that?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes - you can do that with anchors. If you’ve got Potion Pack then there is an anchor stack that you could use for this. If you place your anchor where you want it and name it something like ‘some-place’ then you can link to yourpage.com#some-place and it will take you to that part of the page from any other page.

If you don’t have potion pack it is easy enough to add the html yourself. Just google anchor links.

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yes, I have Potion Pack… but Anchor stack not works with Scroll To stack. In Scroll To stack is possible to set only a numeric Target ID

So, have I to use Anchor stack with Button stack?

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While @habitualshaker is definitely right in that you can use anchors on other pages, whether hand coded or through the use of the Anchor stack, the Scroll To stack will not work across different pages. The page your Scroll To stack is on will go away as soon as the new page is loaded, and thus the code for the smooth scroll to action, and such will not be there to handle the animation and whatnot. It is not setup to work that way.

You can indeed use a Button stack though, along with an Anchor stack on the target page, to take the user to a specific section on that target page.

yes - sorry I should have said that you would need to use a button.

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No worries! It was definitely good advice. :+1:

Ok, thanks very much.