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How you can put a search for tags into alloy blog resume page? as eg. recipes… You can not use categories, but it is difficult at the moment for any search on tags eg: receipts, vegan, broccoli, main dish, and then find the post with this tags together or minimum one… It will be helpful two button stacks like search button stack or category list stack with category search button and tag search button with one or more than one selection.
Any help to do it with alloy?

Hi @Acormail — you’re replying to a +2 year old thread. Better to make your own, new thread.

I’m going to split this post off into a new thread…

Now that we’ve got a new thread going…

The Search bar currently does not search Tags. It likely will be a feature that gets added at some point in the future. That said, in your scenario wouldn’t the type of food be the category? We’ll use vegan as the example. The category would be vegan and the tags might be breakfast or dessert or broccoli or quick meal etc.

That said, if you’re writing an article about vegan breakfast items that are good as a quick meal I suspect all of those words would appear in the blog post itself, right? So there’s not a need to it to specifically search the tags or categories even as those would appear in the article.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding though. If so, please elaborate.

Hi, Thank you for open a new thread. I’ll take in consideración your sugestión for the next time to do it.
The issue is not to search tags into the actual search bar or to find a label inside of the text.
It is a guide for the reader in order to find information about what he is looking for.
Eg: in case of cooking, depending on what you have into the larder you may want to prepear a dish with it, like fish, or avocado, and so on … In this case you can use tags to find dishes that have this type of ingredients.
On the other side you would like to prepare a snack or salad, but you don’t know which type of ingredients need to have, in this case you can use Categories…sometime the same dish it may be included into two different categories. (both: snack and salad)
Another situation is if you have a post talking about “good life style” (with a lot of posts behind this category) and at the same time you have “loose weight” (that another category) and the one post
about “sugar” (that it is a tag) can be in both categories, meanwhile post “salt” (that is another tag) it will be only into “good life style”.
In this case if you choose “good life style” that is the post with this category and have sugar as tag, you will find it, but you cannot find the post if you choose “loose weight”, as an index, also with tag “sugar” because you cannot use two categories in the same post.
I leave here a connection to a test web page, as looks like, to see about what the user is looking.
May be it will be the opportunity to populate some part of the web, as well as in word press, where the most use tags and Categories can be shower in a box, with different sizes…
The other solution was to have a search box for tags and another for categories…That I had expressed in the first message.
I apologize if I can able express it into words, but I believe that you are able to understand the overall concept.
Thank you for any suggestion,
Best regards

I have to admit I am struggling to understand what you’re trying to describe. Are you referring to tag clouds perhaps?

Hi Adam, in this sentence: “May be it will be the opportunity to populate some part of the web, as well as in word press, where the most used tags and Categories can be shown in a box, with different sizes…” Yes, I refer to Tag Cloud.
Yes I know that is not easy to describe all needs in words.
In resume:

  1. A post may have two different categories.
  2. Opportunity to have a index for choose more than one category and more than one tag in order to find the post(s) with these characteristics.
    3 Opportunity to show all indexes categories and tags

Thanks for your clarifications. I think I have a better grasp of what you’re asking about…

Posts will probably not gain multiple categories. The category is the main sorting item, while tags are used for sub categorization.

Not sure how you envision this working. That said, from the description this isn’t something that will likely be a part of Alloy.

A tag cloud was something I thought about building during Alloy v3’s production. I presented the idea to beta testers and I believe, if I remember correctly, that all of them felt they were not that useful of a tool. I tend to agree myself. This could be a possible future stack for Alloy, in the same way that the Categories List stack is currently. That said, it isn’t something that would be in the near future.

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Hi Adam,
thank you for your fast replay.
There is any way to show a list of all tags of all post to have an index of them and then the user can choose more than one, using only a combination of tags with or without categories?

No, that is not something that exists.

Like I said, you’re not likely going to see any tool that lets you select multiple tags or categories for searching. I believe what you’re describing is a bit overkill for a blog honestly.

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Hi, thank you for your replay.
Yes, may be I overkill a blog use.
I will try to find a solution for user requirement.
Thank you very much,
best regards.

Hi, I have looking about tags…and after read all before information of this thread, If you put a tag or more than one, into a post, in the blog in tag section, How it can be retrieved? I didn’t find any way… no index, no search bar, … If all information before is correct, why to put a tag field and fill it if there is no opportunity to retrieve it? Apparently, to retrieve it is needed to put the information inside of post. Is this correct or there is any other solution? I miss something? Can you illustrate me? Thanks.

Have you tried using Alloy’s Search stack? If you click on a Tag (or Category) in either Summary or Full Entry view, it takes you to a page containing all blog entries using that Tag (or Category).

The Search stack does not search tags. Tags can be accessed by clicking on them at the top of a blog post in the Date / Category line as suggested by @jacksona though.

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@jacksona and I were talking about tags in the search stack. Searching tags is a bit more complex than it sounds. For now though, it is most likely that if a post contains a tag there’s a high likelihood that same word appears in the blog post itself. Since the search stack searches the text of the blog post it will still find that word.

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Thank Jacsona and Adam for yours answers.
It was what I was doing.
For that I was asking if there was any other solution instead of what I was supposed to be.
But this solution doesn’t make any sense because you need to go to the post that have this tag eg: Vegan, to found it, and if you have a lot of them is not so easy for the reader to find “this” special one.
On the other side, I know that the search stack doesn’t find any tag, as Adams tell me before.
And the tags is supposed to be something to be searchable.
Not all the time all the words of the tags will be in the text.
So I found that the tag field is useless.
The solution that I will put at work, and it works, is to put the words tag at the end of each post text, and use the search stack to find the posts that has this particulars tags.
The best it will be if this words tags can be hide.
I try to do it with the sentence format “>!” for markdown but it don’t hide the words.
I don’t know if there is any other possible solution for that.
Meanwhile I don’t find the way to hide those words inside of the text, I will keep them as visible.
Thank you for your support and suggestions.
Best regards.

Whatever you’re typing here is not standard Markdown. At any rate it is not something my Markdown parser is going to recognize.

Thank you, Adam. Ok got it, I will use it without hide them.