Sections – how to change the anchor name to the section name

Imho it is very inconvenient, that the anchor link names of the sections stack are allways generic – even if I change the section name to use the navigation.

The ancors allways apears as #anchor1#anchor2 … etc. – it would realy be nice if they adopt the section name, souch as #video#music … etc …
For the slides 1/2/3 … is o.k. :smiley:

Is that possible or maybe planned in an future update?

Hi there @Brandmeyer

The Sections stack isn’t meant to be used as an anchor based sort of navigation in that way. The Section stack uses those internal anchors for itself to make things operate properly and are named the way they are to make things work within the API. They’re not intended to be used as anchor URLs and such. The stack relies on them being named very specifically, so custom names is not going to be a possibility with Sections.

If you’d like to create your own anchor based navigation and be able to name the anchor tags as you like you’ll want to use the Mega Menu and Anchor stack, in tandem, to create an anchor based navigation, as seen here: Building a one-page site using Mega Menu's Anchor navigation - YouTube