Sections request

I must say that the Sections stack is a beautiful implementation of a full page scrolling site and to include this as one of the many stacks in an add-on pack is amazing value. It looks perfect and ready to go with default settings and is intuitive to setup.

A couple of extra settings to hide the side dots and Slide nav arrows would release much needed screen size on mobile. The biggest issue with these type of sites is reducing the content and hiding content on mobile. They work best on tablet up but need careful consideration on small screens.

Also a way to resize, hide and alter the colour of the Slide side arrows is also really needed. The relatively huge arrows can easily encroach over the content on mobile screens.

That is already a feature built-in to the stack. You can find it here:

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That is definitely the case with these types of sites. There’s always considerations and decisions to be made regarding just about any web page design. One size doesn’t always fit all.

I meant an additional setting to hide the Nav Dots for mobile.

The side Nav Dots occupy valuable screen estate width which makes the text column longer and also the Header text gets cut off.

In the screen shot above shows the arrows issue.

Ah, sorry, that was not clear to me from your original post.

Sections is built around a library, which does not offer what you’re wanting. It may be possible for me to re-write it to offer some of that, but currently that is not an option to turn those off at just the mobile breakpoint. If those things are an issue for your particular design, give the Mega Menu stack a look and use its anchor link navigation for now.

Hi @webdeersign

Not the most elegante way, but we can hide those with some CSS @media queries just for the mobile view.

Just a heads up – Yes, that will hide them, but you also need to re-adjust other elements as well at that breakpoint to gain the extra spacing back where the navigation dots were, so it will be a bit more than just one CSS definition you’ll need to target.

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