Seperate Mobile Banner

Is there a way to remove the banner from a Foundry project? I’d like to show a different image on the mobile version of the website. I’ve been playing with this for some time and can’t figure it out. :confused:

Hi @dropgates, I typically duplicate the stack, and then make the changes I’d like to have displayed only on the mobile version to the duplicated stack. I then hide the original stack on mobile (using the responsive settings in the HUD as you have done in the screenshot you attached) and hide the duplicate stack with the mobile content for tablet and desktop.


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@dropgates – What you’re looking to do isn’t a feature of the Banner stack. It could be accomplished the way @Beemerang mentioned, but that is not ideal in that you’re duplicating the content.

Also, if you do go this route, I would encourage you to use the Visibility stack that comes with Foundry instead of the responsive hide / show options that are built-in to Stacks. Not that those options aren’t good, they do a similar task, but the Visibility stack’s breakpoints line up with those in Foundry while the show / hide features in Stacks are at slightly different breakpoints, if I remember correctly.