Server Change, Backup posts and transfer

I’ve changed from a longtime host to a new host and didn’t think to save post files, which folders do i need to transfer to re-instate all my posts?
I’ve transferred posts folder and image-uploads folder, am i missing anything?

You may also want ‘droplets’ and ‘embeds’.

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Also when i go to the live post and click the “read more” tab on any of my posts it just goes to 404 page

Hi @Imperial,

If you left everything in default when setting up Alloy, your posts are in the “Posts” folder in the root of your site. If you set up the blog as a subdomain, it will be in the folder that has the same name as your subdomain.

This requires you to have access to your old server, as the posts are not part of your local install of RapidWeaver.

Step 1: log on to your old server through (s)FTP
Step 2: copy the “posts” folder (and the “image-uploads” and “droplets” folders) to your mac
Step 3: log on to your new server through (s)FTP
Step 4: copy the folders from step 2 FROM your mac TO the new server
Step 5: presto!


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