Set browser title to title of blog entry

I would like to change the name of the browser title to the title of the blog entry when in Full Entry view. Maybe also the meta description to the first 160 characters of the summary.

I thought about a small javascript to update document.title and to set meta[name=“description”]. But is there a way to get the title and text without reading the .md file once more? Or is there an easier way?

These are features that are on the road map for the future.

Thanks you, that sounds good. I just want to add two other things to my wishlist (I don’t want to open a new topic for each):

  1. URL Structure instead of parameters
    I prefer urls like instead of The first step is easy, by creating a .htaccess with a simple rewrite rule (something like RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ?id=$1 [L,QSA]). This could be done without your help. The other part is the output of the links in the blog (the “Read More” Links), I think only you could change it. So I vote for an option in alloy to output the links as folder structure.

  2. The RSS feeds currently have the full content of the blog entries. This is difficult to read in a feedreader on a mobile device, as the responsive design is lost. I would prefer to output the summary text only, followed by a “read more” link to the website.

Thanks a lot :smile:

This I am willing to look at. That said I’ve shied away from doing this in the past due to users having to modify and maintain their .htaccess file via FTP. Now that RapidWeaver has the ability to edit the .htaccess file from the publishing settings I may be more willing to offer support for this as an advanced feature.

So, no promises, but I’ll look into it.