Share alloy blogposts

Is there a way to ad share buttons to an alloy blogpost so they can be shared on social media ?

You can paste your share code into your blog post or use the conditionals stack and add your own links to the Full Post view portion of the stack. If you’re not familiar with the Conditionals stack, have a look here:

But, if you’re asking of Alloy has that functionality, then no. And it won’t be added in the future.

Why though you ask??

Those little share widgets are often a real problem… they can allow users to be tracked and marketed to by companies like Facebook. This is troublesome, and can also violate the GDPR rules as I understand.

And yes, I know there are alternatives out there that say they provide the same services without tracking, but I’d rather not hard code those into Alloy and then later have to rip them out over concerns.

And to be honest, most people don’t even use them. Most users simply copy and paste the URL for the post or page they’re on and share that instead of clicking those little widgets.

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