Showcase for Foundry made sites?


I would love to see a site which displays sites built with Foundry. Adam, have you planned to setup a showcase site where we could submit our sites?



I don’t currently have plans for something like that. Mainly because people’s sites can change a lot over time, and it would take a good deal of time to devote to curating such a site. I used to do something similar with a site of mine called CSS Tux back in the day, and it was like having a part-time job.

What if we put up a sub-category here on the forums? Then people could post their creations there?

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Sounds like a very good idea. Yes, please. And thanks…

I’ve added a Site Showcase sub-category to the Foundry category. When you post a new topic, select that as the category and you’ll get a quick template you can fill in to say you time in posting your site designs to the showcase.

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