Shutter in Alloy 3 F3

How can I embed or integrate Shutter gallery to Alloy 3 on F3? I know I asked similar question with F2 with built in gallery @elixirgraphics . many thanks

In what way? Within a blog? Something else?

Yes within a blog. In a way that my client can upload images to the shutter gallery.

That is not possible. You cannot add a gallery to an Alloy blog at all, in any way.

thanks for the response. I thought since shutter is one of your stacks that there would be some form of native integration support for it on Alloy since it’s a CMS solution. thanks anyhow.

Alloy is a blogging tool primarily. It was designed as a traditional blogging tool. It has never had gallery support. Sorry.

I’m not trying to argue that its not primarily a blogging tool however, your product description page extends its functionality (Alloy 3) as a CMS, may be I misread its total meaning, of course I now understand now that it’s just a Blogging tool.

It has a couple side content tools for markdown embedding but not photo galleries. If I mistakenly mentioned photo galleries in blog posts then I really do apologize. Point me to the page and I’ll get it fixed asap.

It didn’t mention photo gallery specifically, it was my assumption since the product description highlights its functionalities as a blogging tool and beyond. like I said I appreciate your reply and I now understand it does some basic CMS functions, I will look for other solutions to tailor my clients’ needs in that gallery department otherwise, Alloy tool is magnificent. many thanks

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