Shutter seems stop all stacks from working

I need a little help with your shutter stack. It seems that every time I use the shutter stack, all of the other stacks do not work. Is there a reason for this?

We’d need to see your site, project file and PHP error log file from your server to determine your problem.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file, and these other requested items. Note that the project file is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Hi @gmedlock – Probably bad form to upload a ZIP file that contains someone’s 3rd-party Starter Kit, so I went ahead and deleted the post with the download link. In the future if you’re using something like a 3rd-party Starter Kit you can feel free to let me know and send me a direct message with the download info.

As for your ZIP file – there are multiple project files in there – I believe I counted 5 different RapidWeaver projects – so I’m not sure which you want me to look at. Please let me know. Also I’m not seeing the requested PHP error log file in your ZIP file. If you’re unsure where to get that from you’ll want to consult your host’s documentation, as this can vary from host to host.

Also let me know if your problem is occurring in Preview mode, on the Published site, or both.

That’s why I said any of the project files would work since they were all restarts. I thought I did something wrong so I redid the projects. The shutter stack did not work on any of the projects in the zip file. And I paid for the 3rd party starter kit. That’s why I used it. I uploaded the entire folder which is why the starter kit was there. The starter kit didn’t matter. I actually started fresh and still got the same problem with the Shutter stack. I completely started from fresh and only put the shutter stack and one footer. The footer doesn’t show on the webpage after it is published. In fact any stack I place on the page after the Shutter stock did not show up on thepublishezd webpage.

I know, but I can’t be looking at them all. I just needed you to pick one that you wanted me to look at, that is all. So which one project file should I be looking at?

Also, do you have the PHP error log file as requested?

I understand, but others here on the site may not have bought that project. So you were essentially giving it away to everyone else to use. That is why I mentioned it and deleted the post.

I don’t have a php error log

and oops on that 3rd party file

OK, then I’ll rule out any PHP errors on Shutter’s part then. I am headed out the door so to speak in 5 minutes, but will have a look at this when I get back after you let me know which of the project files you want me to look at. :wink:

Since I didn’t hear back from you with which file to look at I chose one at random. Looks to be the simple one you described that has just a footer below Shutter. Loaded it up and it seems to be working A-OKAY here. Everything seems to be showing properly, including the non-Shutter elements on the page like the navigation, banner and footer of the page. Here’s a screen recording of that for you to see what I see.

It does show on Rapidweaver in view mode. It’s just not there when it is published.

Hi there @gmedlock – Hope you’re having a good afternoon. Your project seems to work A-OKAY on the published page here, too. I’ve published it here for you to look at. Since you said you have no PHP error log file I don’t have any way to know further why it is not working for you on your end.

Not all of your images seem to be present on the published page, but I think that may be because you added them from RW resources. That isn’t the way the Shutter tool is designed to work, hence why I don’t mention doing so in the documentation or videos. Perhaps create a new test follow along with the tutorial and try it without inserting your images into the Resources section. Stacks wasn’t designed to read images from Resources into Image Well drop zones like Shutter uses.

As an aside – your images have (1) quite large filename, I would trim them down myself and (2) they’re quite large in size. You might look at compressing them.

this may be off base … but if it shows in RW Preview but not on web page … you may have run into the duplicate file issue (i.e. having both page.html and page.php). If you have 2 such pages then “html” will always be shown. This may not be the problem, but with your last statement it sounds like it might be. Worth a check. I don’t think we have a link to the relevant page … otherwise it would be easy for us to check in 10 sec or less.

His page loads the PHP, but nothing after it. To me this seems like a PHP error that is being generated by something with his setup. Perhaps a missing element that isn’t enabled in his PHP setup or perhaps his server can’t handle the really long filenames. But the page is loading the gallery, just nothing below it. And that is what PHP does when it encounters a problem, it immediately stops executing and nothing else loads. But @gmedlock said he doesn’t have a PHP error log file, so it is feeling like a mystery.

Very weird indeed. I’m just trying to check the basics: how did @gmedlock look/check for that PHP error file? FTP app like Transmit? Something else?

I have no idea how to find a php error log.

Do you have an FTP app like Transmit, or Cyberduck? Does your hosting service offer a tool like cPanel (it most likely does). With any of those tools you can navigate to the exact folder containing the where the problem is. And inside that folder will be (or not) an error log. @elixirgraphics can describe all this better than me. But first step is finding the best way to you to look at what you’ve published online.

Publishing (or rather, exporting to your computer would also work. Then navigate to relevant folder and see if there’s an file with “error” in the name there. Though, I’m not 100% sure an error file will show up after an export.

As I mentioned previously this can vary from host to host. It would be worthwhile to check your host’s documentation.

I use FileZilla and Rapidweaver to publish files.