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Hi @elixirgraphics et al, I have recently published a photo gallery using the Elixir Shutter stack. On publishing this page however I notice that all the photography that I uploaded in ‘portrait mode’ are being displayed in the browser in ‘landscape mode’.(see link to the gallery here) Please see attached two screenshots showing what I see in Rapidweaver compared to what I see in my browser. I’m currently using the ‘justified’ layout mode in the Shutter stack and any help with resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Justin :grinning:

Your images likely have EXIF information regarding orientation provided by the camera (phone?) they were shot with. The browser is showing the image in that orientation based on the embedded information. You have to edit and save the image in an image editing app like Photoshop for example to strip that information.


Thanks @elixirgraphics. You learn something new every day :wink:

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Phones are notorious for this.